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Just a little bit of fame..

Just a little bit of fame..

The local hospital commissioned some work for the new oncology unit.Cherry Blossoms

The finished pieces will appear in a book published by the National Catalogue Foundation, ‘Art in Public Spaces’. A new website has been set up


Magnolia 1mag 1

Trees are beautiful, especially flowering trees and those that change significantly with the seasons… Magnolia, cherry, apple, damson and others.

So gorgeous in the Springtime when the blossom appear and eventually coat the ground with layers of pink, white and cream. I appreciate the world and nature that bit more.



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Art is my therapy and these cityscapes are perfect doodles when I’m trying to work through something in my head.

I’ve filled books and different sized canvas with these semi-imaginary visual ramblings, and will use whatever I can get my hands on…pen, pencil, paint, inks, collage paper/fabric, gel pens, shards of old photographs and even pieces of pencil sharpenings. I often hand-stitch my work and like the visual map my stitches create on the other side of the paper or canvas.

Of course they are influenced by the wonderful work of Hundertwasser but also sub-conscious thoughts about architecture I have seen  and am surrounded by in my local environment.

city section 2 city section 9 city section 10 city section 11 city section 13 city section low saturation

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