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Life Coaching

When my Boss suggested I go on a course to train as a Life Coach all I could think about was lifeguards, really had to get my head around the whole life coaching concept. I imagined nosey people telling other people what they should do with their life, all while dressed in swimming costumes…

Of course, this wasn’t the case at all. Instead the course delivered by John and Steve at Fluent Coaching was both life affirming and potentially life changing, and that was just the impact it had on me.

I did the interactive four-day course ‘enabling you to learn the techniques of BRIGHT Coaching and use coaching skills to complement the work you currently do. Accredited by the Association for Coaching (AC) and designed in line with their Coaching Accreditation Scheme. This award provides sufficient training for people wishing to pursue Foundation Coach Accreditation with the AC. The course consists of 28 hours of group training, 16 hours of self-study and 12 hours of live coaching practice. Along with learning coaching skills the course also encourages self-reflection and personal development’.                         !coach-training/c19wj




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