Things that inspire can change from day-to-day… a conversation with an old friend, the discovery of a long-forgotten keepsake, a walk in the woods, a view from the window, a drive in the car…

The opportunity for inspiration is everywhere but whether that becomes a journey of creativity or a puff of smoke.. that’s the difficult part because it depends upon mood and motivation.

Some days are orange, some days are just plain nondescript.

On a mediocre day I see the things around me but do nothing.

On a good day I remember to take my camera/sketch-book.

On a brilliant day I actually use them.

Natural Textures

Decaying tree 2

A huge log that looks like the underside of a mushroom…

Decaying tree 3

Contrast of blues and grays with rusty orange…

Decaying tree 4


Decaying tree 5



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